7 Ideas to Make Money Online in India for Beginner

Everyone wants to grow and become financially independent in his / her life. Are you searching for ideas to make money online? If yes, you are in the right place. Today I've 7 ideas which will help you make money online in India.

Making money online is not easy task, but you can get good success if you try below methods. Here are 7 legitimate ways to make money online for the beginner.

1. Get Paid With Online Learning Platform

Now a days with the increase in the data consumption; people tend to learn at their pace from various online platform, and here come our first idea of making money online is via an online learning platform. In this idea, you have to act as an instructor and sell what you already know. You need to create your own course content and upload it online. Once your course is live on the website, students will be able to search and purchase it. On every purchase, you will be paid money.
There are many online learning platforms, however, the most famous platforms are Udemy, Coursera & Skillshare.

On these websites, you will find Become Instructor or Become a Teacher link. You just need to signup via this link and upload your course content. You need to know basic of computer and software like screen recorder Camtasia etc.

2. Become Holiday Advisor to make money online

The second Idea of making money online is by becoming a holiday advisor. Anyone can become a holiday advisor and make money online from home.

A task of holiday advisor is to suggest visiting places, tourist places, sightseeing attraction etc. This is a great opportunity to earn money from home.

You must be thinking about how one can become a holiday advisor and make money online from home? Well, there are two travel websites which offer the facility to earn money as a holiday advisor.

The name of websites that offers holiday advisor as career options are Yatra and MakeMyTrip. The primary eligibility criteria for both cases are good in communication skill, knowledge about laptop or computer, willingness to attend training.

3. Become Freelance writer to make money online

You can become a freelance writer and make money online. Professional content writers are in big demand by professional bloggers and content marketer.

It is a known fact that content is king for any website. A good and unique content helps an owner to generate a traffic. Increase in traffic means an increase in earning. This is the primary reason that bloggers and website owners are ready to pay money to a good content writer.

If you have skills you can become a content writer and make money online from home. The websites like Fiverr, UpWork offers career as a content writer. Apart from that you can tie up with a blogger and make money.

4. Become Virtual Assistant and make money online

A demand for Virtual Assistant is growing radically. A virtual Assistant job can be done by anyone starting from the student, housewife or expert.

You can earn $10 to $15 hourly in a virtual assistant job. You need to complete simple tasks such as typing e-mail, arranging documents, making specific documents, data entry etc.

The website offering virtual assistant jobs are Up Work, Fiverr, MTurk, Freelancer etc. Before accepting a virtual assistant job you must check the skills required for a specific job offer.

5. Make Money from websites

One of the best ways to make money online is from websites. Starting from beginner to expert everyone can make money via websites. One of the easiest ways to generate money from a website is via blogging.

There are multiple ways to generate money via a website using blogging. The first method is via Google AdSense or other alternative advertisement networks. Google AdSense pays blogger on per click basis. The second method for earning money via a website is Affiliate marketing. In this method, you need to influence a prospective customer to purchase the product via your website. You will be paid commission for this.

In addition to the above, you can also start your e-commerce website to start earning money.

6. Make Money from YouTube

YouTube is among one of the best ways to make money online. A unique thing about this method is zero investment. You need to make your own video channel and upload unique videos on the channel.

Once your channel is popular you can apply for the YouTube Channel partner program. This program offers a chance of earning money using YouTube channel from home.

7. Start Selling Products on e-commerce Platform

If you have an offline store or shop where you are selling various products, you should consider selling them online at e-commerce platform.

Flipkart, Amazon, and eBay are e-commerce websites that offer the facility to become seller online. Once you register on these websites you can start promoting your products for earning money.

If you have any queries about how to make money online feel free to post it in the comment section given below.


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