How You Can Check Property Records and Land Records online in India

Are you buying new land? with the increase in the computerization checking land records online is very easy today. One can easily find information about the actual landowner. 
Verifying land records before purchase is important as real estate is a non-transparent sector where a lot of black money is involved and we've seen various cases where maximum frauds take place in real estate deals. 

How to check Property/ Land Records online in India?

Many states have started to provide computerize Record of Rights (RoR) Under the National Land Record Modernization Program (NLRMP)
  1. Find out online portal applicable for your state for checking land and property records online. I've listed some of the states viz. Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Punjab, Bihar, Rajasthan, UP, MP which provide online land record but almost all states are providing them. 
  2. Select your demographic information such as District, Taluka, Village and survey number etc
  3. Done you have all the information handy with some clicks. 
I've listed some of the statewide websites for your ready reference 

Websites to check online land records
Sr No State  Website
1 Maharashtra
2 Gujarat
3 Tamilnadu
4 Karnataka
5 Haryana
6 Jharkhand
7 West Bengal 
8 Punjab
9 Chhattisgarh
10 Orissa
11 Bihar
12 Rajasthan
13 Uttar Pradesh
14 Madhya Pradesh
15 Uttarakhand
Let’s check out a method for checking these records online for Maharashtra

Checking Land Records online Maharashtra

  1. Visit official land record site of Maharashtra viz. E-Maha Bhumi ( )
  2. Select demographic information such as District
  3. Select Taluka (Tehsil)
  4. Select Village 
  5. Enter Survey Number / Name of owner
You can take a printout of this record. However, it is for information purpose only you can not issue this record for a legal purpose.

Checking Property Records online Maharashtra

  1. Visit the official Property record site of Maharashtra.
  2. To find out property details select the year, district and enter the name of the village.
  3. Enter Property number SurveyNo./CTSNo./MilkatNo./GatNo./PlotNo.
Click on Search and property record will be displayed on the screen.

Over to You

We've listed the process of one state, but the process mention above will remains the same for all other states.

Hope you've find this information useful.


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