Share pledging became more secure!

Using Share Pledging or Broker's Credit? Read Below.

The process of taking margin against shares available in your demat account is also changing.

The value of shares in a demat account cannot be counted in the credit against the margin.  The value of the shares in the broker's margin account also will not  be counted in the credit against the margin.

All the shares placed in the margin account of the broker till now have to be released and given in the demat of the client. Then, you have to PLEDGE in favor of the broker.

While doing this PLEDGE, the client will get OTP (SMS) from NSDL CDSL. One client submits that to the broker then only process of pledging will be completed and only then the margin against the share will be credited.

Important Note: 
If an investor does not make a deal for 15 months (in any segment) then the account will be marked as Inactive.  Thereafter, the entire KYC process will be able to re-deal only after work.  The process of this RE-KYC can take about 1 to 2 days, so you don't have to process KYC again by trading once in a while.


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