7 Rupee Mantras to Maximize Potential of Money in 2017

We always heard that Money isn’t everything but to survive and for every day to day activity you need money. But the availability of Rupee is limited for everyone and one needs to optimize the saem. With a lot of aspiration and hopes, we have entered in 2017. You must be looking for good Money Mantras to elevate your financial life. Here are 7 Rupee Mantras which will help to elevate your personal finance in 2017.

1. I will prefer cashless transactions

This is the first mantra for 2017 is adopting cashless transactions. You should adopt a cashless transaction in 2017.
After demonetization, the country is moving towards a cashless economy and also government is promoting the cashless transactions.

Apart from this you'll be entitled for various benefits like transparency, cashback, discount and convenience. Yesterday government has also launched the 14444 helpline to support cashless transactions.

2. My priority will be Information security in order to prevent fraud

The second mantra for 2017 is giving priority to Information security in order to prevent identity theft and fraud while doing cashless transactions. As the cashless transactions are prone to fraud as there is no physical verification, but they are beneficial if you follow proper information security method. Never share your PIN and ATM card number other bank account related confidential information with anyone which is advised by the all financial institution time to time.

3. I will pay tax honestly

The whole story of the demonetization starts with the evading income tax by the Indians. So it is advisable to Earn honestly and pay tax honestly, thus this is the third mantra for 2017. By paying tax honestly, you can avoid unnecessary harassment by income tax department. You can proudly live a peaceful life as an honest taxpayer.

4. I will help government to fight against black money and corruption

The next mantra for 2017 is helping government against black money and corruption. Black money and corruption are the biggest enemies of our country. Removal of black money and corruption will defiantly help every citizen of India.

5. I will Plan for Income tax saving in advance

Every year we rush at last minute to save tax and end up making bad investments. This year take a pledge that you will start income tax planning exercise in advance. Advance tax planning will surely help you in taking an informed decision. As many times we end up with the investment in the wrong instrument due to rush to catch the deadline. So just planning your investment little early will save your money.

6. I will establish the second source of Income this year

Little extra cash is always welcomed by anyone. so this is our mantra of 2017. Never depends on the single source of income try to generate a second source of Income, you can start a small business don't worry if you are a women or mom as we have great business options for women and moms. Distributed income source always helps you to reduce a risk.

7. I will maintain discipline while making investment

The next mantra for 2017 is maintaining a discipline while making an investment. every drop is important as it help to create ocean, the best way of maintaining discipline is SIP. So you can start You should atomize your investment via SIP route.

I hope rupee mantras mentioned above will help you in getting financial success in the year 2017. Please share your opinion in comment section below.


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